Saturday, April 28, 2018

Estiatorio Milos Offers Greek Wine Dinners to Educate and to Enjoy the Greek Bounty from Land and Sea.

Milo’s Restaurateur Costas Spiliadis is known for excellence in Greek Dining serving the freshest Mediterranean seafood found throughout the world. He has now taken it up a notch featuring boutique wines from all over this very ancient land. In Las Vegas, guests can now enjoy a monthly Winemaker’s Table Dinner on the first Thursday of each month. These dinners  provide an outstanding, rare opportunity to experience organic, world-class wines produced from indigenous varieties by award winning winemakers accented by a specially designed, six-course tasting menu featuring  Milos' signature dishes.

Recently, the Pelopnonnese region was featured with excellence on the plate and in the glass. Chef’s selection of oysters served with dill cucumber mignonette and a crisp 2016 Rhous Estate White wine was a splendid beginning to the six-course tasting menu ($79 per person).

Pan seared bay scallops with olive oil and sea salt were the next offering and paired beautifully with a 2016 Tselepos Canava Assyrtiko wine. A meal would not be complete without a tasty fish selection from this renowned venue and Milo’s has an elaborate display of fish and produce that is prominently featured for guests to look at as they make their menu decisions.

On this occasion, perfectly prepared grilled grouper served with Mediterranean couscous and a 2015 Venetsanos Nykteri wine certainly delighted all that attended.

The wine pairings were spot on as the 2016 Venetsanos  Mandilara married wonderfully with a colorful dish of red yellow and orange Holland Peppers with EVOO, roasted garlic, aged balsamic and grilled mushrooms.

Colorado Grilled Prime Lamb chops with steamed broccoli and cauliflower arrived tableside and provided guests with an exceptional cut of lamb, paired with 2014 Rhous Kotsifali Mandilara “skipper red” wine.  

The big FINI was just that; a fabulous dining  experience coming to an end with a sweet and tart Kardopita served with Kaimaki ice cream and fresh fruit paired with 2014 RhousVidiano/Plyto “skipper white”wine.

The Milos Winemaker Table Dinner’s provide novices and experienced oenophiles and opportunity to learn about small production Greek wines and some of the most authentic Greek dishes that can be found outside of the Mediterranean itself.

Las Vegas Renowned Chefs Beyond The Neon, The Feast of Friends presents Vegas UnStripped by Locals.

Without question Celebrity Chefs world wide have staked their claim under the neon making Las Vegas an epicurean destination not to be missed. There is so much more to what has happened over the last decade than the strip’s shinning culinary all stars. World class culinary talent can be found beyond the neon in very corner of the valley. Many of these Chefs and their staff have worked with the world’s best just 10 minutes away on the famed Las Vegas strip.

Many of these Chefs have known each other for years. Now independent, creating their own dream, they are a close group. Supporting each other on each of their own individual venues that are diverse as the chefs themselves.   

Many of Las Vegas’ most acclaimed independent chef-restaurateurs, working together have made their event, UnStripped a reality This very special event is set for May 12, 2018 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. They call it The Feast of Friends presents Vegas UnStripped by Locals. The name could not be more appropriate featuring dishes at an undisclosed location in the Las Vegas Arts District and a not-to-be-missed afterparty.

The impressive lineup is certainly a whos who of Las Vegas elite chefs.  Participating chefs include:

Brian Howard – Sparrow + Wolf; 2017 Best New Restaurant of the Year, Desert Companion

Chris Decker – Metro Pizza/Lulu’s Bread & Breakfast; Bronze Medalist, International Pizza Expo 2017

Daniel Krohmer – Other Mama; 2016 One of the Best Restaurants in the Country, GQ Magazine

James Trees – Esther’s Kitchen; 2018 Best Italian Restaurant, Desert Companion 

Jamie Tran – The Black Sheep; 2017 Chef of the Year, EATER Vegas

Justin Kingsley Hall – The Kitchen At Atomic; 2018 One of the Best Restaurants Near Fremont Street, Zagat

Ralph Perrazzo – BBDs; USA Today Best of New York, Top 3 Best Restaurants in Long Island

Sheridan Su – Flock & Fowl/Fat Choy; James Beard Foundation Best Chef Southwest Nomination, 2018

Khai Vu – District One/Le Pho/Mordeo Wine Bar; 2014 Ethnic Restaurant of the Year, Desert Companion

 “I’m excited to be a part of creating more awareness of our local dining scene,” said Chef Brian Howard. “At UnStripped, you won’t see anything phoned in. We are coming to impress.”

 This one of a kind event is produced by Las Vegas-based marketing consultant Eric Gladstone who saw a growing need for the off-Strip scene to be recognized “While the world knows Las Vegas Strip dining is incredible,” said Gladstone, “not enough attention is being paid to how great the off-Strip restaurants have become. They deserve their own spotlight.” He said.  Advance tickets are available at for $65 (plus fees). All of the chefs and organizers are volunteering their time in order to keep the price accessible to all. Any net proceeds will be donated to a local downtown-based charity.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Celebrity Chef Scott Conant Moves Off The Las Vegas Strip To Open Masso At The Red Rock Resort,

After shuttering Scarpetta and wine bar D.O.C.G at the Cosmopolitan last year, this as not good bye for Chef Scott Conant but a new hello to a more local friendly crowd just a few miles away from the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Restaurateur, Food network Star and judge of “Chopped” is the first celebrity chef to bring his passionate work ethic and bold Italian cuisine away from the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip.
Station Casino’s 4 Diamond AAA rated destination hotel the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa eagerly anticipated the opening of Conant’s Masso Osteria meaning “boulder” in Italian thus honoring the remarkable surrounding red rock landscape. Conant’s honest Italian cooking and dedication to his craft have garnered him celebrity chef status and numerous industry accolades which now give resident Southern Nevadans and visitors a unique opportunity to experience a celebrity chef culinary excellence in a local setting.
Trading the hustle and bustle of New York for the arid desert landscape, Conant has made his home in Scottsdale and plans on frequenting his newest restaurant endeavor on a regular basis. We had a few minutes to meet up with this affable and astute chef, whose warm and friendly demeanor immediately puts everyone at ease.
VLV: We wanted to know why you decided to go from being a Strip restaurateur to now opening Masso within to a popular local’s venue, the Red Rock Casino and Resort.
SC: First of all it has been 10 years since I have been spending time in Las Vegas and I have garnered a lot of friendships and relationships. There are a lot of locals here that do a great job particularly hospitality wise. This is a local’s casino and I feel that you don’t get a lot of the local appreciation on the Strip because it draws a lot of tourists. Yes, it is fun and happening but not everyone wants to deal with that. The attention here is in creating something the locals can appreciate.

VLV: We have major sport teams coming to Las Vegas, including the Raiders and now professional baseball and NHL hockey practice facility right next to the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa. Where these developments an influence on you making the decision to open here?
SC: Let’s just say it did not hurt.
VLV: There are many great Italian restaurants in Las Vegas. What is it about your brand that is going to stand out from the rest?
SC: I feel like I made a good splash here after the years over year, with some good success. But like I said I felt like I didn’t have many locals coming to the restaurant (Scarpetta). I have good relationships with many of the locals and have been involved in charity work here whether it being Community in Schools, Keep Memory Alive or Opportunity Village. These things that I am involved in here locally have separated us from the other Italian restaurants.
VLV: How often will you be coming to Las Vegas?
SC: Very frequently since I am now in Scottsdale and it is only a 45 minute flight or a short drive.
VLV:  What is your favorite meal to cook for your family?

SC:  If my weight wasn’t an issue, I would cook pasta all the time. But when I have friends come over, I love doing risotto, pasta or a nice rib eye of beef that when you put it front of people there is a wow factor. I did Turkey for Thanksgiving which is fresh memory for me because I am not home very often, and it turned out beautifully and I got the most likes on Instagram.
VLV: In one word how would you describe Masso?

SC: Yes, I can do that in one word. The word is convivial, which captures that sense of happiness and sense of gregariousness, a general sense of enthusiasm that I want people to have inside this place; whether it is enthusiasm for the food, the atmosphere, the vibe, or the service. There is a lot inside restaurant that ingratiates itself to the people who want to come here and spend time here, which is the intention.
VLV: What is the number one thing you want to draw people into you doors with?

SC: That’s interesting because I just had a conversation with my team. What I feel that the staff should exude to the guests who walk in the door…is heart, simple as that. I understand the idea that here is another celebrity chef but I am not completely comfortable with that; I am a restaurant guy who has been working in restaurants since I was 15 years old. This is a part of what I do and all the other stuff I do is to make this all work. The fact of the matter is I want people to know that this really heartfelt for me. Happy cooks, cook happy food, and happy servers serve happy guests and that’s the way it should be. Pardon the term but it is a trickledown effect.
VLV: Your mantra is, “Peace, Love and Pasta”. Does that saying help keep you centered?
SC: Yes, that is what keeps me grounded. The sign in the restaurant was designed from my own handwriting.
VLV: It takes a village of people to make this all work. Are there any certain people you would like to acknowledge?
SC: Yes, I have many core team members that make this all work for which I am thankful to, such as Dan Tackett my Corporate Chef who a super star. He is the guy in the background toiling away and doesn’t always get the credit. My Director of Restaurants, Gilles, Jay Kolakowski, Irene Chang and many others are all swimming in their own lane, but we are all swimming towards the same goal.
VLV: What advice would you give an aspiring culinary student who may have stars in their eyes?
SC: I once saw the Dali Lama speak and he said he never gives unsolicited advice, that is not his role, but if you ask him he would be happy to tell you. I would ask what advice I would give my 20 year old self. I would say don’t go out drinking all night and making a jackass out of yourself. You can never get that time back. It is nice to have fun but apply yourself. When you are younger you often think you know it all. I can only speak for myself, but I wish I had taken business classes to fill in my own blanks. If you can do that you are better off knowing business. Learning to understand negotiating tactics, contracts and all that stuff is very important as far as the business side of things. Also, working very hard in learning how to articulate a thought well is also very important. Learn to talk about food, taste and your experience. I wish I would have known these things earlier on, but I have self-educated myself so to speak.
VLV: What do you do to relax when not in the kitchen?
SC: I really work non-stop, all day every day. I work more now than I did as a young chef. I think my only down-time is on a plane going place to place. I am not complaining. I have been on both sides of this and this is where I would rather be as opposed to no one is calling. Self perseveration is the biggest thing.
VLV:  It must be a challenge to balance it all. Is there more of a trend to healthy living amongst Chefs?

SC: Yes, but it also easy to self medicate and having three or 4 glasses of wine at the end of the evening can become a vicious cycle that disrupts sleep patterns. The alcohol really needs to be cut out. At a certain age things need to become a bit healthier. You see so many Chefs going from self indulgence to a healthier lifestyle. Many have young children and want to be there for them.

VLV:  Aside from you knives what is one kitchen could you not live without?
SC: A spoon, I have a spoon everywhere I go and a pair of tweezers. I can always get a knife from someone else. That way I feel prepared.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Notorious Pink Rose Is Perfect for Your Every Day Enjoyment.

Notorious Pink Rosé Holds the Key to Every-Day Indulgence

            Notorious Pink Rosé is changing the way we drink rosé. After an
overwhelmingly successful year in 2017—Notorious Pink Rosé is quickly
becoming the leader in sensational, every-day rosé. Made from 100%
Grenache from the South of France, Notorious Pink Rosé uses mature
berries to balance the flavors of ripe berries, giving the rosé a wonderful
acidity and soft minerality.

It is the goal of Notorious Pink Rosé to
bring rosé to the forefront of everyday indulgence—stripping away
the notions of rosé being a traditionally dry, summer wine.

The attractive blush toned rosé is beautifully presented in a
frosted, glass bottle and adorned with a crystal cork—all while boasting
a modest retail price, making Notorious Pink Rosé exceptional for every occasion.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


This Valentines Day why not turn to the Land of Milk and Honey for  sweet inspiration with your loved one. A Yarden Blanc de Blancs and Brut Rose is a great addition  into your holiday choice.  

The sparkling wines of Yarden are produced from vineyards in the volcanic, rocky soil of the Golan Heights, which overlook the Galilee. Yarden urges Valentine’s Day celebrants this year to try two of Israel’s top sparkling wines – the Yarden Blanc de Blancs and the Brute Rose – to add a flavorful and historic taste to the holiday.
“It’s always wonderful to enjoy sparkling wines on Valentine’s Day, but drinking the distinctive sparkling wines of the ancient Land of Israel brings a whole new – and historic – flavor to the holiday experience,” said Dorit Ben Simon, international marketing manager for Yarden Inc., the U.S. importer of the Galil Mountain and Golan Heights wineries.

The Yarden Blanc de Blancs is made entirely from chardonnay grapes from the northern Golan, according to the traditional method. The grapes are whole-cluster pressed, and the wine is aged for a minimum of four years with the tirage yeast. The wine, showing notes of delicate tropical fruit, floral and citrus, is balanced with nuances of toasted bread and minerals. This elegant, crisp and dry wine will age gracefully for up to 10 years from harvest, and pairs well with rich and/or salty food such as cold terrine of goose liver, toast points topped with avocado puree and caviar.

The Yarden Brute Rose is made from 70 percent chardonnay and 30 percent pinot noir grapes, also from the northern Golan. The wine is made strictly by the champagne method, including pressing of whole clusters and secondary fermentation in the bottle. Disgorging began after five years of bottle aging on the tirage yeast. This sparkling wine is crisp and elegant, displaying an aromatic fusion of bright strawberry, citrus and pear fruit notes, balanced with characters of flowers, apple pie, baguette, and roasted nuts. The wine will age gracefully for up to 10 years from harvest. It pairs well with cured meats, tuna tartare, fish tacos, roast chicken, pumpkin ravioli or even a flaky raspberry pie.

Enjoy on your day of sparking love! 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hakkasan Chefs Create An Exclusive Menu for Chinese New Year.

The Exclusive Multicourse Menu is Available from January 29 to February 28, 2018

  hakkasan 2018.01-1638.full resolution.jpg hakkasan 2018.01-1679.full resolution.jpg

Happy New Year! In celebration of Chinese New Year 2018, Hakkasan, will welcome guests with a limited-edition signature menu created by Hakkasan chefs from London, USA, the Middle East, and Asia and at Hakkasan Las Vegas, the exclusive menu will be available from January 29 to February 28, 2018 in celebration of the Lunar New Year on Friday, February 16.

“Chinese New Year is an incredibly important time for Hakkasan and our guests," says Executive Head Chef Tong." Each year we look for new ways to celebrate in the restaurants around the world through food and traditions. This year, I wanted to bring together our chefs as this time of year traditionally brings together family and friends. I am very proud of them and what we have achieved together with this menu. Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2018!”

Priced at $118 per person, guests will enjoy dishes using ingredients believed to bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year. As oysters traditionally symbolize good fortune, starters include the Szechuan Oyster with lotus root and crispy rice in mantau with other small eat dishes like Braised Beef Tongue and Caramelized Walnut with asparagus and mint and Crispy Scallop in sweet plum sauce with mango in a golden cup. 

The special menu's main dishes include Baked Chilean Sea Bass with kumquat glaze, as eating fish at Chinese New Year is said to bring increased prosperity, and Abalone Fried Rice in bean curd wrap with Chinese sausage, and shiitake mushroom – this dish contains fai cai (fat choy), an ingredient which in Chinese means to ‘get rich and grow wealth’. Additional main entrees include Wok-Fry Native Lobster in superior stock with edamame and caviar and Rhug Estate Organic Lamb in seaweed soy with celery and enoki mushroom.

To finish, guests are invited to indulge in the Golden Fortune dessert with ginger caramel, roasted macadamia nuts, and lemongrass. On the beverage side, Hakkasan Group Head of Bar Eder Neto the Happy Daisy to mark the festival. The special cocktail is comprised of Tanqueray No.10 gin, Chartreuse Yellow, lemon, spiced mandarin jam, egg white, and soda water.

During the celebrations, authentic Chinese lion dancers will perform at Hakkasan Las Vegas on Friday, February 16. These high energy, mesmerizing performances offer symbolic expressions of luck, prosperity and good fortune.

As part of the festivities, Hakkasan will also continue their annual wishing tree tradition by inviting guests to write their wishes on red ribbons that will be hung around the restaurants. This custom is said to have begun hundreds of years ago in Lam Tsuen, Hong Kong. During Chinese New Year, villagers would travel for miles to visit the sacred Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees (two ancient banyan trees) and hang notes on the branches using red ribbon. These notes contained wishes for the year ahead and it was believed that the wishes that were successfully hung on the trees would come true.

Shake Shack to Debut The Griddled Chick'n Club Jan 26th 2018.

There is a new club in town and can be found at Shake Shack.  The Griddled Chick’n Club, a griddled all-natural chicken breast with Niman Ranch smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and buttermilk herb mayo on a potato bun, lands at Shake Shacks  on Jan. 26 for a limited time. In Las Vegas you can find it at  Downtown Summerlin, The District at Green Valley Ranch, Strip-side at New York-New York Hotel & Casino, and the newly opened North Premium Outlets.

“The Club Sandwich has always been an iconic and beloved American classic,” said Shake Shack Culinary Director Mark Rosati. “We’re excited to share Shake Shack’s version, highlighting our new griddled chicken breast, with our fans.”

The Griddled Chick’n Club is crafted from an all-natural cage-free chicken breast—no hormones or antibiotics ever— marinated and topped with Niman Ranch applewood-smoked bacon, green leaf lettuce, Roma tomato and Shack-made buttermilk herb mayo on a potato bun.

Can’t wait until Jan. 26? Get early access via the Shack App. From Jan. 23 through Jan. 25, fans can order the Griddled Chick’n Club exclusively on the Shack App – available on iOS and Android.

Elaine and Scott

Elaine and Scott
Elaine and Scott