Scotch 80 Prime builds a new foundation for the next generation of diners at the revitalized Palms Hotel and Casino.

16 Years the Palms N9NE steak house was the hipster place to dine on oversized Tomahawks and boozy cocktails alongside Hollywood A-listers and moneyed moguls. Now that iconic space is home to Scotch 80 Prime still under the direction of chef Barry S. Dakake along with executive sous chef Marc Purdy formerly of Alize. 


The newly appointed steak house gives nod to the historic Scotch 80’s, a community that  strives to preserve a cherished neighborhood in the city of Las Vegas. Unlike the preservation quest of the Scotch 80’s community, Scotch 80 Prime may be the next leader in the new image, concept and feel of a Vegas Steak House. 

Scotch 80 Prime carries a fresh, upbeat dining outlook, one that emits playfulness, innovation with provocative  drinks, décor and dining style. With StationCasinos multimillion dollar renovation of the Palms hotel there is a lot at stake in creating an alluring venue for  the new wave of millennial diners along with loyal locals and trendy tourists. Scotch 80 Prime is a thoughtfully designed space with a culinary program that enlivens and entertains all the senses.  

Walking into the entrance way, holographic flowers appear to float along the long  corridor leading forward into a spacious lounge area abutted by windows and a small outdoor patio with plenty of causal seating. 
The stunning back-lit bar carries an extensive whiskey collection, a well-appointed wine-list and creative cocktails. Geometric patterned marble flooring , lots of glass and mirrors accented with three dimensional pentagonal lighting fixtures allows a continual flow of light, air and pattern into this once austere dining space. 

Controversial, modern and contemporary art pieces by Jean Michel Basquait, Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, and Bronx graffiti artist, John “Crash Mato’s  have been carefully curated to spark the imagination while one is busy pleasing the palate. Comfortable neutral colored leatherette banquettes and open seating plays well in this upscale casual atmosphere. 
The soothing yet subtlety edgy atmosphere is the setting for meal sharing and great conversation. Begin with Chef Dakake’s creative take on the seafood tower.  The traditional icy layered presentation is now mesquite fired with warm hearty portions of Alaskan King crab, Maine lobster, sea scallops, white Mexican shrimp, Spanish octopus and little neck Clams.

The Bacon Best starter of sweet, salty savory bites of Nueske’s bacon lathered in a chocolate root beer glaze and spicy pecan brittle could be enjoyed before or after a meal. 

For those wanting to indulge in fresh vibrant greens, The Spazz salad consisting of  local Urban Seeds seasonal lettuce varieties intermingle with bay blue cheese crumbles and sweet and spicy sherry vinaigrette is available along with tantalizing meaty menu items.

Discriminating diners can find their selection in three categories: Prime, Prime Dry Aged and Pasture Raised.  From a Classic New York Strip or a savory sliced Porterhouse offered alongside a Creekside Farms Tomahawk Ribeye or the indulgent A5 Japanese Kobe, there is a something for every meat lover at the table. 

The menu “Add-On’s” bestows an alchemic touch to the plate and palate. A generous grating of seasonal truffles or sautéed Hudson Valley Foie Gras elevates the culinary experience. Sides come ala-carte  and are worth sharing. Old school cream corn or the Heart Stopping Potato Puree will make the meal complete.  

Always save room for dessert, especially the interactive crowd pleaser, the Fire & Ice banana split served tableside with plenty of fiery flare and gooey toppings. Complete your culinary journey through this new neighborhood of dining spots with a hand shaken or stirred cocktail from the roving classic cocktail cart. Scotch Prime 80 is the place that hopes to make you apart of the Palms dining community for  years to come.

James Beard Chef Opens at Nordstrom in Las Vegas In The Fashion Show Mall.

Las Vegas is known for its world class restaurants and exquisite shopping venues. Nordstrom located in the Fashion Show Mall has added something special, very special for their guests and locals alike. Nordstrom has always had several dining options for their shoppers, giving them a nice break between floors of luxury accessories; this new dining venue elevates the guest experience. 

Recently, Nordstrom opened Jeannie’s on the third floor which replaced the Marketplace Cafe. Jeannie’s is the concept of James Beard award winning Chef Tom Douglas based in Seattle specializing in Pacific Northwest cuisine since 1984. 

“We have been doing food and beverage in our stores for about 40 years. It has greatly evolved over that time from just blood sugar maintenance,” said Vince Rossetti, VP of restaurant operations for Nordstroms. 

“Over time that has turned into destination operations with 255 restaurants across Nordstroms, with 21 unique concepts; we don’t take a cookie cutter approach to our venues.  

When Vegas came up we thought what better food scene is out there. This is a competitive food market where people are yearning for something new and different. The idea of working with Tom and his people was a natural fit.”  

Chef Tom’s concept for Jeannie’s is producing pizza made with handcrafted dough, blistered, topped with fresh produce, artisan cheese and charcuterie. “We have a very thoughtful process about our pizza we have a multiday day aged dough, we cook the pies without the cheese and add that at the end and use the best cheeses that we can procure. 

We don’t herb our pizza until the end because after 175 degrees herbs lose their flavor,” said Douglas.  

The pizza boards were uniquely crafted with the help of a thermal energy company which lends in retaining the pizza’s crispness and flavors. “We are authentic in the best ingredients that we can give. 

We have caramelization on our vegetables, fresh vinaigrettes instead of packaged and our mac and cheese is stuffed with cauliflower,” continued Douglas. 

The menu plays up seasonally influenced appetizers, salads, pastas and warm sandwiches called "Toasties." What is a Toastie one may ask?  It’s a toasted sandwich with grilled cheese, combining ingredients and flavors all held together with handmade focaccia. 

Toastie options include Prosciutto & Fontina and Dijon mustard, Eggplant Parmesan with marinara, provolone, basil and the Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar with chives, parsley and tarragon. 

The Pie options are exceptionally creative. The Iowa Prosciutto endowed with dried figs, organic arugula and parmesan offers a myriad of palate pleasing flavors. Roasted Oyster Mushroom pie accented with balsamic caramelized shallots, taleggio and thyme provides a rich respite to your shopping excursion. 

For a vegetarian option, diners enjoy the Broccoli Rabe Pie, topped with Taggiasca olives, spicy tomato sauce, preserved tomato, basil, almonds and pecorino. An ideal side to any selection is the rich, creamy, Baked Cauliflower Mac-n-Cheese with shell pasta, Beecher’s cheddar and basil pesto. 

Jeannie’s full bar offers a plethora of delectable thirst quenching cocktails. And be sure to finish to your shopping and dining experience with an espresso or refreshing gelato. Your Vegas Nordstrom dining experience will have you healthily satiated and ready to resume exploring multiple floors of Nordstrom’s quality wares. 

Bledsoe Family Winery Opens Its Walla Walla Winery At The Box Factory Location.

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