Vino Las Vegas stopped in to Whole Foods Market for the launch of RAOs signature wines and met Rao’s New York celebrity owner, Frank Pellegrino Sr., managing partner at Rao’s Caesars Palace, Frank Pellegrino Jr., Executive Chef at Rao’s Caesars Palace Carla Pellegrino and the Rao’s winemakers Robert and Susan Summer. Guests had the unique opportunity to spend time with this legendary family while sampling wine from its just released signature label. Along with the winemakers, Rao’s Sommelier, Krista Rediske was on hand to answer questions, discuss tasting notes and suggest food pairings for these wines. Rao’s Executive Chef, Carla Pellegrino, created a few of her dishes and spoke about a few of her kitchen secrets as well.

Rao’s signature wines include the Napa Valley Chardonnay (2007), Napa Valley Merlot (2006) and California Cabernet Sauvignon (2006). Previously unavailable for retail purchase within the state of Nevada, these wines can now be purchased at Whole Foods Market As a compliment to any number of the Rao’s specialty foods line, or with meals made from scratch, these food-friendly wines are a great way to recreate the Rao’s experience at home.

RAOs 2007 Napa Valley Chardonnay features grapes sourced from the Jamieson Canyon region of Napa Valley. Having nine months in oak barrels this Chardonnay has classic toasty notes with green apple and pear on the nose and palate with a smooth finish.

RAOs 2006 Napa Valley Merlot was a real treat. On the nose, this Merlot has aromas of black cherry , bakers chocolate and earth that come through on the palate with hints of earth and ripe tannins with a long lingering finish.

RAOs 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon lived up to what we would expect from a
California Cabernet. On the nose aromas of Tobacco , currant and a slight hint of mint come through and are balanced on the palate with some spice . Eighteen months in oak barrels adds to the complexity of this nicely balanced wine with a long finish and smooth tannins

John and Susan Summer have done a great jobs with these wines from their Strawberry Ridge winery. All three of them are very well balanced and should do very well at Whole Foods Market.

It is always a pleasure to sample Chef Carla Pellegrino's creations.
RAOs is a legendary restaurant and her dishes are creative and well known throughout the world. Guests that attended the RAOS signature wine launch also had the extra bonus of seeing Chef Carla create some delicious , basic dishes that even amateurs could make look and taste like a gourmet meal.

Join VINO LAS VEGAS as we enjoy these great new signature wines, sample some great dishes and visit with Chef Carla Pellegrino

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