Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Venetian/Palazzo and Iron Chef Mario Batali team up , go Green and make history

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali celebrated the Green Restaurant™ Association certification of his three restaurants: Carnevino at The Palazzo and B&B Ristorante and Enoteca San Marco at The Venetian by bringing the first-ever Farmer’s Market to The Palazzo. “Bet on the Farm: Sustainable Food and Wine” welcomed local green farmers to The Palazzo. On display were be fresh and sustainable produce such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and honey .

Many people who visit Nevada assume it is an arid desert and incapable of producing any types of produce. The Palazzo's waterfall atrium was the scene of the Palazzo's first ever Farmers Market. Seven local farmers showed off what southern Nevada can produce. Items such as quail , chicken, duck ,eggs, apricots , peaches , figs , tomatoes , honey ,strawberries , raspberries and blueberries were located throughout the atrium area to sample this sustainable produce and products.

For a very in-depth look at the World's Largest Green Building , Chef Mario Batali's three Green Restaurants and the Palazzo's first Farmers Market go to our Premiere Culinary site ,

to see history in the making

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