Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rock N Roll Wines Rocks into Ovation at Green Valley Ranch

We have attended many of the Rock-N-Roll wine events in Las Vegas. In the past we have questioned the quality of the the wines. The wine quality at the larger festivals has always been good.

However , we have always enjoyed the venues and the music that Chris Hammond , Founder of Rock-N-Roll wines has put together. It is very hard to find a venue, music, and quality wines at the same event. The other issue is the age group of guests that enjoy these venues and music may not necessarily be educated in wine or know what quality wine is. To us , this is what Chris has been trying to do for years with his events. In our opinion he is doing a great job.

As stated before , we have attended many of these events in the past . This event at Ovation was a turning point for Chis and Rock-N-Roll wines.

Ovation is a great venue for this event. When we first walked in you could see that this was going to be a class act. A quick glance at the list of wineries confirmed that for us. There was even a special "tasting lounge" set aside for the more discriminating wine connoisseurs and the opportunity to purchase at Riedel "O" series Rock-N-Roll wine glass as well.

First up on the Entertainment list was guitarist Nick Motil who treated us with

some original "folk"music. Moteil was right on with his technical skills on the acoustic guitar and spent some time on the key boards as well. The main feature was Ingrid Michaelson who treated us with her very sultry tones and great key boards. Her style is similar to that of Nora Jones and was big success at this event.

Hearing these artists was a real treat and went well in this type of venue. Now we can talk more about the wines. First all we have to mention Stillman Brown, Winemaker of RedZepplin wines. He was pouring his Red Zeppelin Chardonnay 2006 Santa Barabara County and his "Black Zeppelin" 2005 Paso Robles in the tasting lounge. His wines were one of the best there and we will be looking for them in town soon. In the grand tasting room Brown also let us sample his Jungle Room White 2006 Blend, Jungle Room Red 2006 Blend, and his Red Zeppelin Syrah 2004.

Other wineries represented were Icon Estates, Precept Brands and Pernod Ricard. For those of you who like bubbles G.H Mumm Codon Rouge NV and Perreir-Jouet Grand Brut NV located in the tasting lounge for us to enjoy.

There were over 23 wines available for tasting many of which are very well known. Chis and Rock-N-Roll wines also had their Rock N Roll Wine "The Grotto" Shriaz 2005 there as well.

These Rock N Roll wine events are very unique and don't think
anyone has been able to do it right until now. Like with any project these events will continue to evolve. Rock and Roll Wines did it right this time and we are sure they will continue to move in a direction to find a balance between great venues, award winning artists and quality wines.

It is not often that you can get such a good value for the money. The concert alone was worth the price of admission.
Good Job Rock N Roll ! We are waiting to see what you come up with next.

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