Friday, June 27, 2008

VINO LAS VEGAS celebrates FiddleFest 2008 in the Fiddlestix Vineyard in the Sta Rita Hills

When you mention the name Fiddlestix to people in the Food and
Wine industry you hear words like quality , dedication , tradition
and of course, Kathy Joseph. In our opinion all of those terms are

We have visited the Fiddlestix tasting room in Lompoc on many occasions. When we heard the third annual Fiddlefest was going to be held in the Fiddlestix vineyard . There was only one place to be!

We spoke with winemaker Kathy Joseph and she explained what FiddleFest is all about. Kathy explained that everyone who crafts
a Fiddlestix designated Pinot Noir pour their wines at the Fiddlestix barn in the vineyard. But there is even more to it than that.

In addition to some of the primer Pinot Noir winemakers in the
area, you also have food prepared by non other than the Hitching
Post Restaurant. For those who have traveled in this area, the Hitching Post is a landmark as well as a past movie location ( you all can imagine what wine movie that was ! ). All of of this great
food and wine can be enjoyed while listening to "fiddle music "
There is even a live auction to benefit Art in the Schools.

When we walked into the barn you feel as though if there was a
Pinot Noir heaven this was it. As we looked around the room and
made our way to the tables with names like Ampelos , Fiddlestix and Hitching post jumping out at us. Others like Rusack , Ancien wines , Paul Lato wines , Jonata and Vogelzang were all pouring
their Fiddlestix designated wines.

Scott from Vino Las Vegas caught up with winemaker Kathy Joseph as she explained the idea behind FiddleFest and much more.

Join Vino Las Veags as we walk around the barn and take a stroll into this acclaimed vineyard.

This was such a great event. Surrounded by the beautiful Sta Rita Hills sampling some of the areas best Pinot Noir and Food in the highly acclaimed Fiddlestix vineyard. It would be hard to find a place we would rather want to be than FiddleFest. The best way we found to describe it was like a Fiddlestix wine family reunion where we are all welcome. This is one event that we will mark on our calender every year.

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