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VINO LAS VEGAS heads west to Shell Beach California at the Cliffs Resort for the 9th Annual World of Pinot Noir

We take you, our readers to many events
throughout the year. With out a doubt the single
event we look forward to the most is the World of Pinot Noir.

The idea for the World of Pinot Noir began when a few local winemakers would gather to share and talk about their Pinot Noirs. This event has grown into one of the largest gatherings of Pinot Noir winemakers and vineyard owners in the world. And they meet in Shell Beach California at the beautiful Cliffs Resort over looking the Pacific Ocean.

VINO LAS VEGAS has been at the World of Pinot Noir the last three years and each year we are more impressed with the quality of the Pinot Noirs being produced and the Ninth Annual event was
no exception. There were more seminars , dinners , and other events this year than there have ever been before. If there is a heaven for Pinot lovers this must be it !

The Regional seminars included New Zealand , Santa Cruz and even Austria. Of course you can't leave out the Burgundy region of France when talking about Pinot Noirs. This year WOPN featured Domaine Henri Gouges from Nuits St George and Pierre Gouges hosted the Burgundian Seminar which was a big hit.

Las Vegas Master Sommelier William Sherer took his annual position as moderator for the very popular Iron Sommelier Challenge a very interactive event with food pairing.

This year there were two Gala Dinners that featured World Class Chef Craig von Foester from Sierra Mar Restaurant at Post Ranch Inn , Big Sur , California and Chef Evan Treadwell of The Lido at the Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa , Shell Beach.

We had the pleasure of attending Chef von Foester's dinner at the Cliffs Resort and sampled his culinary skills as he prepared a four course Pinot Noir Dinner.

First Course :

Green Garlic Soup with Roasted Big Sur Chanterelle Mushrooms and Hose made Bacon

Second Course :

Grilled Squab Breast with Pistachio Pesto, Huckleberries and Smoked Squab-Endive Salad

Third Course :

Roast Colorado Lamb Loin and Pancetta Wrapped Tenderloin with Jerusalem Artichoke Purss and Red Wine Jus


Epoisse Profiterlos

There are many highlights to the World of Pinot Noir. But the two tasting events over looking the Pacific ocean are hard to beat. The Focus tasting is a walk around tasting that features 102 wineries , importers and even a silent auction of magnums. As the many guests strolled and tasted these great wines they were treated with light hors d oeuvres and great Cheese from the famous The Cheese Shop, Carmel and Santa Barbara. The Tasting by the Sea was a bigger event and featured 124 different wineries and of course that great Cheese and hors d oeuvres.

Where else can you have the chance to sample well known Pinot Noirs and speak to the winemakers like Seasmoke, Curran, Cargasacchi, Fiddlehead, Ampelos, Tudor, Ken Brown and Kenneth Volk just to name a few.

The World of Pinot Noir brings together legendary winemakers many of which were some of the first to plant Pinot Noir in the area and relative new comers to show a broad spectrum and
true art of making fine Pinot Noir.

When you bring together over 200 Pinot Noir winemakers, world class Chefs, and Sommeliers at a great venue such as the Cliffs you can't but not be in awe of this event. Next year will be the World of Pinot Noir's 10th Annual and we can only imagine what they have in store for us. We will be there and hope to see many of you there as well. For for information about the World of Pinot Noir please go to

Join Elaine and Scott of VINO LAS VEGAS as we take you to the 9th Annual World of Pinot Noir

Cheers !

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radog said...

Scott and Elaine,

Thank you for coming to WOPN and joining us for dinner at Hoppe's in Cayucos! It was great to see you and to celebrate Elaine's 29th birthday!

Cheers! Dan and Bow

Elaine and Scott

Elaine and Scott
Elaine and Scott