Sunday, April 19, 2009

VINO LAS VEGAS bids farewell to a very special place

Restaurants mean many things to many people. Over the years we have had the pleasure of dining at many fine places. Most of the time we look at them as a place to dine, experience some great wine and conversation with friends. Not many times have we been affected personally about a restaurant, until now.

We visited Bleu Gourmet 4 1/2 years ago after hearing about it from friends while in Santa Barbara. We found that ironic being that Bleu Gourmet is less that 10 minutes from our home. When we returned we visited "Bleu" and met owner Sonny Ahuja. At the time, he had only been opened a couple months.

We have watched this great place grow ,change and met many new friends at the weekly events. This was always a place to meet. We can't remember how many times we have asked people to "meet me at Bleu ". We will miss the Sunday Crepes, long Saturday lunches with friends and great bottles of wine, and of course the Wednesday wine tastings .

Most of all we will miss "Bleu" and it's staff. We have formed many personal relationships with them over the years. We have celebrated holidays, family events, personal triumphs and disappointments while enjoying great food and caring service.
We now have to find a new "home" ( if that is possible ) but we will never forget the memories we have of Bleu. It was truly a special one of a kind place and will be missed greatly.

We raise our glass to Sonny, his staff and to Bleu itself and say Thanks for the memories !


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