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Waynes Sushi Bar and Green River Sake pair up for a meeting of the Sushi and Sake Club in Las Vegas

Sake and Sushi have had a marriage for probably thousands of years. We visited the Sushi and Sake club of Las Vegas and were in for a real treat. The group is combination of UNLV students (mostly beverage majors) and an off shoot formed from the local International Food Service Executives Assoc.'s called the wine club that started in May 2009. Even though they are currently called the wine club , there are plans to expand to include spirits and brewed beverages as well . The club meets once a month often on the UNLV campus .

Green River sake is one of the highest quality sakes in Japan and is characterized by its fresh, complex, dry, clear finish and delicate flavor spectrum. For many years, sake brewers have not seriously practiced sake aging; however, they have found that appropriate aging is best for sake as well as sake lovers.Green River has two types of sake with different characteristics created through snow-aging and low temperature maturation.

Green River Sake was on hand with several very nice Sakes from Niigata Japan.
The Green River Snow Aged Rice Wine - Junmai Ginjo was the first one we tried. This very delicate Sake went well with the Sushi provide by Chef Wayne of Wayne' Sushi Bar. The Snow Aged rice wine was served cold and was smooth with a light elegant finish.

Another Sake offered by Green River was the Select Oryza Rice wine- Junmai Ginjo . This was brewed with special NL 12 rice grown in Uonuma , Niigata Japan and had a lower alcohol content than previous Sake we have experienced. Because of its lower alcohol and smooth characteristics , the Oryza should most likely be paired with teriryaki and moderately flavored foods.

We have spoken to many sommeleirs over the years and almost to a point, they agree that premium Sake should be served chilled. The Green River Five Seasons Sake-Junmai was brewed and aged at very low temperatures also from Uonuma, Niigata, Japan. This lovely Sake was well balanced with a spicy "bite" on the finish. Most any food can be paired with the Five Seasons because of its complexity. VINO LAS VEGAS sampled this Sake warm and chilled and found it to be delightful either way.

We found a very special , fun Sushi Bar Located inside Shilla BBQ just West of Palace Station on Sahara Ave in Las Vegas. Wayne's Sushi and Karaoke Bar serves up Las Vegas's finest sushi with exciting dishes and unique atmosphere . Every dish is created using fresh ingredients made to order . Many of the items we found on our menu come from Wayne's Family recipes that can be found no where else other than in Las Vegas. With years of experience behind him Chef Wayne has created a fusion of traditional, and exotic flavors all mixed together in a unique atmosphere. And he is not a bad singer as well.

Sake brewing is a natural process of the hydrolysis of starch in rice by Koji and yeast fermentation that takes place simultaneously in a vessel. Green River Sake adopts a traditional brewing with innovations, snow-aging and QC (quality control) program.


Up to 60% milled or polished to remove rice embryo, endosperm and some starchy endosperm that may give unpleasant flavor like fusel alcohols


Fungal microbial seeds (Aspergillus niger) to hydrolyze rice starch to fermentable sugars and dextrin


Saccharomyces cerevisiae converts fermentable sugar to alcohol, carbon dioxide and flavor compounds


Mineral soft water from our own secured water source

This visit with the Sushi and Sake club was informative and attended by a wide variety of guests from UNLV students ,Professors and others in the Food and Beverage industry. For information on Green River Sake please visit If eating great Sushi in what we consider the most unique sushi bar in Las Vegas is an interest , visit for an inside look at Chef Wayne .

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