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Executive Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet and Garfields Restaurant provide an intimate visit with one of the world's greatest brandies.

It is not often we get to sample perhaps one of the world's best Brandys . Executive Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet , "Chef JD " invited VINO LAS VEGAS to an intimate lakeside tasting of ARMAGNAC-Joy at his restaurant Garfields.

Roland Gessler arrived from France and did not disappoint us . We started with the 1974 Vintage and worked our way back in time with the 1962 , 1940 , 1936 , 1912 , 1908 , 1900, and 1897 Bas Armagnac Millesime vintages and then for the finish , a taste of Bas Armagnac Exception that has been valued at $ 10,500 with only 36 bottles having been produced.

One of the finest producers of Armagnac, generations of the Gessler family have lived in the Bas-Armagnac region. The current generation, brothers Olivier and Roland Gessler have combined their love of Armagnac with their expertise and heritage to create the Jo├┐ collections. They have made some of the rarest brandies in the world.

Their Collection is a blend of the finest brandy produced over the last 200 years. The Vintages all from all of the appellations ( Haut Armagnac , Bas Armagnac and Tenareze ) and on the pallet one can tell that these brandys show off the entire region at its finest. The bottles themselves are a work of art deigned by Paco Rabanne consisting of hand blown crystal adorned with silver.

Armagnac is situated southeast of Bordeaux. It is distilled only once and has a lower alcohol strength normally about 53% where as Cognac is around 70%. The single distillation leaves more flavoring elements . Armagnac employs local black oak for aging allowing for faster ageing in the barrels. The result is that Armagnac is silky smooth but fuller-flavored than Cognac.

Vintages are to Armagnac what "grands crus" are to the finest wines. The difference being that wine continues to age in the bottle. Armagnac ceases to age once bottled , thereby preserving its qualities intact. The secret is knowing when to capture its unique flavor and Joy Armagnacs do this better than most any other producer in the region.

GARFIELD's at Lake Jacqueline at the Desert Shores.

Garfield's is named in honor of Sir Garfield Sobers, Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on the playing fields of Barbados in 1975. Sir Garfield is considered the greatest all-around Cricket player of all time. Garfield's is a lakefront, casual dining restaurant that provides healthy dining that we always enjoy.

Executive Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet, "Chef JD" has brought his years of experience from France to this wonderful lakeside venue.

Oliver and Rolland Gessler are now the heirs of this legendary collection. Their love of the region and training have continued to spur them on to continue to make the regions finest product. This Armagnac ranks among the worlds greatest brandies. Naming it JOY after their wine estate shows to us and the rest of the world their commitment to quality.

Bravo Chef Jean-David Groff-Daudet and Rolland Gessler for very special evening . For more on JOY Grands Armagnacs , please visit

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