Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project DINNER table helps the community as guests dine on great dishes and libations at some of the most interesting venues in Las Vegas

Project Dinner Table started as a concept to bring the community together as an interactive entity sharing the bounty of social interaction by sharing a communal meal of local seasonal produce and other local foods grown in Nevada.

This worthwhile organization selects a local charity for each individual event to donate proceeds. What a great way to give back to the community by enjoying a lovely dinner that supports our state and city.

We were invited to meet with members or our community in a unique setting, the Las Vegas History and Museum and Heritage Park.
Executive Chef Joe Koniski prepared the fare with the unique pairing of beers from the famous Anheuser-Bush company. Multi-generational Brew Master, George Reisch enlightened us with the history of the company and the craft of making beers that have been around the American scene for many, many years.

As we entered the museum, there was a lovely platter of artisanal cheeses and meats from Valley Cheese and Wine of Las Vegas. If you have not been out to 1770 W. Horizon Ridge to this unique wine and cheese story, it is worth the trip. We did not have to venture out to Henderson, but to the amazing platter that was before us. Waiters brought around small bites for us to sample. We loved the shrimp and scallop cerviche, with lime caviar. It was light and delicate, with a nice crisp texture. Bud Light Lime Margaritas were served in accompaniment with the preamble. We also tried the mustard crusted beef tenderloin with a cream horseradish and a duck crackling crostini, a confit of duck marinated goat cheese, and sun-pickled cherry bomb peppers. The last two bites were hearty and easy to overindulge in. We were now ready to begin the official dinner as our host indicated that the tables were ready.

We proceeded to large tables under large white tents outside to meet the other s that came here to partake at the community tables set up for family style dining. What a great way to meet people by sharing a great meal together. Our first course, was a carrot dish with locally grown carrots from the Gilcrease Orchard located in the Northwest part of valley. Yes, Las Vegas does have a place where you can pick and buy fresh seasonal produce. This time, we were having Spicy Thai Carrot Puree, Tri-Colored Carrot Ribbons, and cured carrots paired with A Budweiser Select 55. The beer held spicy orange notes, which of course, melted well with the tri-carrots course.

The second course was a prosciutto, arugula, and watercress salad with figs, roasted crushed hazelnuts, tossed with pecorino Toscana cheese, and a shock top vinaigrette. The dressing was created with the Shock Top Belgian White beer. The vinaigrette, actually took away some of the pepper quality of the arugula. The figs blended a slight sweetness, while the hazelnuts gave the dish a nice crunch

Now, on to the Third course of Grilled Halibut Steak, with a green onion salsa, sautéed summer leeks, , shitake mushrooms and a bacon vinaigrette paired with Budweiser American Ale. The Fish was a bit over cooked and bland. We were rather disappointed, but the beer had a nice apple pie taste which helped hold up the dish despite overcooking.

The final course was very hearty and heartwarming. The Braised Short ribs were braised for 12 hours In the Michelob AmberBock. The meat was juicy, tender and mouth watering. The pureed spring parsnips were well mashed and creamy.

The desert course of coffee rosebud espresso mousse , ricotta filled pistachio cannolis and apple and pear almond bars left us feeling satisfied and eager to meet again for another venue of Project Dinner Table.

This is great way to bring the community together by understanding that there is great food grown here in Nevada. We can all share in supporting our Nevada farmers and our community charities. Project Dinner table combines all the ingredients for a memorable and charitable evening.

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