Friday, December 9, 2011

Award Wining writer Natalie MacLean does it again with her latest book "Unquenchable" This is a book that any wine lover would enjoy

Natalie MacLean is an award winning wine writer and needs no introduction. There are many wine books out there that “tell” what you should drink. Many these “writers” or “critics” have never even worked a harvest or done a punch down.  Natalie has done it all and traveled the world. In her latest book Unquenchable, she goes on a wine journey and takes her readers with her using her palate and writing ability.

She introduces readers to the Mosel valley and even takes us up in a helicopter for a bird’s eye view of some of the most beautiful wine regions in the world, the Niagara Peninsula. No matter where she may be in the world, you can be assured that she will find a great wine that is affordable to share with us.

The most intriguing and impressive aspect of Unquenchable is that it is not just  about wine but about  the history and culture of area’s food and people. She teaches readers that all of these are important and can be tasted in very glass of wine from a particular region.

Her latest work of genius is available not just in hardcover but available to read at your leisure over a glass of wine on your tablet or reader.

Run, don’t walk to your bookstore or go Online to and get your copy of Natalie MacLean’s Unquenchable today, break open a bottle of good wine and enjoy.  

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