Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CALIFORNIA WINES: NAPA CABERNET The New York Times Knowledge Network Introduces New Online Course

New Online Course
For wine enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the culture and history of wine making, The New York Times presents “California Wines: Napa Cabernet,” a new online course designed to help students explore and taste the wines of California, with a particular focus on Napa Cabernet. Students will learn about the viniculture, flavors, and winemaking that distinguish California wines and will expand their knowledge of the various regions of this great winemaking state and their distinguishing features.

Eric Asimov
This self-paced course, taught by The New York Times’ Eric Asimov, Chris Cree, and Cathy Corison, will include topics such as:
  • The evolution of Napa Valley into a world-class wine region, and the main people and events who made this transformation possible;
  • The key natural features of wine regions;
  • The unique styles and techniques of various winemakers;
  • Statistical, physical, and organizational comparisons of Napa to other regions in California, Bordeaux, and around the world.
  • What distinguishes Cabernet grapes from Napa from other Bordeaux varieties.

Cathy Corison

Chris Cree

Students will also have access to an archived webcast that includes The Times’ instructors tasting and reviewing six amazing wines. To register for this new online course or for more information, please visit:

This Program of Study course is part of the New York Times Knowledge Network, which is open to consumers nationwide. Programs of Study courses, developed and taught by New York Times journalists or professional staff, cover a variety of topics and are delivered online. Students can select any number of these courses: to stand alone, or be taken as a sequence.

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