Thursday, January 17, 2008

Las Vegas Chapter of the American Wine Society

The single most influence on how we got envolved in wine to the extent we have is the American Wine Society. The American Wine Society is a National organization that " promotes the appreciation of wine through Education. You can find a chapter near many cities and in almost every state. The Las Vegas Chapter meets once a month at the Lee's Discount Liquor near Lake Meade and Tenaya way.

Very often a winemaker or a representative from a vineyard attend the meeting and educate the chapter about their wine and vineyard. The Chapter also has educational seminars from winemakeing , "blind tastings", and the Annual National Tasting project. In addition to these educational events, the Chapter hosts many winemaker dinners and Chapter outings like picnics and jazz concerts throughout the year.

Elaine Harris, Vino Las Vegas
and Andrew Firestone
of Firestone Wines
The American wine society is focused on education and as we have said many times before, wine education is an education that can never be completed in full. It is an ongoing process and the American Wine Society is a great place for beginners and those that have been studying Food and Wine for years. No matter your experience level you will find a topic that excites you. This is a worthwhile group to visit and to learn more about ! You can go to the Las Vegas Chapter website at or go on to the National website at

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