Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nora's Restaurant Wine Bar in Summerlin

We have been wanting to visit Nora's for some time. Sommelier

Bibiana told us about a Tuesday

evening wine tasting so we stopped

by for dinner and to join Joseph
from Vin Sauvage for a taste of

some great wines. The atmosphere at Nora's
reminded us of an Itallian neighborhood
restaurant with a great wine selection
and authentic food.

The dinner was very good. We started with
freshly sliced prosciutto with fig. That was followed up with vodka infused Penne that melted in our mouth.
Normally we don't eat too many desserts but our waiter tempted
us with chocolate cake coverd with pistachio sauce that was well worth the 25 min wait.

The wine list featured mostly Italian wines but is well balanced and
something for every price range and taste.
Proprietors / Chefs Giovanni and Marcello Maura really have a hit with Nora's located in Boca Park in Summerlin. Their Food and Wine staff is very knowlegeable and we know we will be hearing more from this restaurant in the future.

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