Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Winemaker Dan Tudor speaks about VINO LAS VEGAS

We have written and interviewed many people over the years from Award winning Chefs to Winemakers.

VINO LAS VEGAS has traveled to the Finger Lakes of New York to the Vineyards of California and many stops along the way. It is always interesting to see what THEY write about Vino Las Vegas. Recently Winemaker Dan Tudor wrote about VINO LAS VEGAS in his newsletter and we wanted to share that with our readers.

" Here in the U.S., two friends – Elaine and Scott Harris – became head-over-heels fascinated with fine wines after I met them at a 2005 Las Vegas wine event. They were inspired to learn more and more, and eventually to launch their highly successful web site devoted to Las Vegas wine and culinary culture. They've got a great business name, Vino Las Vegas, guaranteed to make you hear Elvis on the jukebox of your imagination. (Take a look at www.vinolasvegas.blogspot.com) Very recently they added “wine broker” to their resumes. Among their first projects, and already working out great: expanding Tudor and Radog distribution in Las Vegas. Six fine restaurants have brought us on board, with more expected to follow suit."

We raise our Pinot Glasses and toast our thanks and appreciation to Dan Tudor , winemaker of Tudor Wines.

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Elaine and Scott

Elaine and Scott
Elaine and Scott