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The Get Fresh Bakehouse of Fairfield NJ is Chosen Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie by

The Get Fresh Bakehouse of Fairfield, NJ Chosen Best Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie by
When Jeff Robbins first learned his youngest daughter had Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine caused by a reaction to gluten, the longtime consumer market researcher aggressively began reading up on her condition and testing the available products for a gluten-free diet. To his dismay, he quickly discovered that most of the gluten-free food options on the market were lacking in both taste and quality.

Refusing to simply give up and accept the lack-luster choices available, Robbins got down to business and put together an all-star team. He approached his longtime friend Peter Mykrantz, whose 10 years experience in the hospitality business and 20 years owning and operating wholesale and distribution businesses, complimented his own expertise.

With the addition of Bill Doyle, production manager and Culinary Institute of America graduate with 30 years of food service and production experience, Get Fresh Bakehouse was formed. In January 2011, the ovens of Get Fresh were fired up for the first time, producing cookies in flavors like Butterscotch Walnut, Oatmeal Plus and most notably,’s 2011 winner of Best Chocolate Chip gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. According to, “The classic chocolate chip – huge hunks of chocolate laced through buttery, sweet dough – was a runaway winner.”
Says Get Fresh founder Robbins, “The goal was not to bake good gluten-free products, the goal was to bake good products in general. If someone can't tell the difference between our chocolate chip cookie and a regular wheat-based chocolate chip cookie, we know we're meeting that goal.”
Due to an increasing number of people being diagnosed with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance, as well as a recent consumer trend of following a gluten-free diet for other health-related causes, the gluten-free market has exploded. It’s now one of the fastest growing segments of the food market. The sheer numbers speak for themselves: Sales of gluten-free products surged 74 percent from 2004 to 2009 and are projected to grow up to 25 percent a year, according to the Nielsen Company. By 2012, the gluten-free market is expected to hit about $2.6 billion in sales.

"We just want to get our products into the hands of as many people who are eating gluten-free as possible," Robbins said. "Making people happy who might not have had a really high quality gluten-free cookie in the past is a good thing. It feels good to do this."
Currently, Get Fresh Bakehouse products are in 25 specialty grocers and cafes in New York and New Jersey, including Bloomingdale’s cafes in Short Hills, Soho & Wayne, and The MarketBasket in Franklin Lakes. Products are also available for purchase on their web site - <> . In addition to their delicious gluten-free cookies and brownies, Get Fresh Bakehouse is now producing a scrumptious line of cupcakes for Cupcakes by Carousel in Ridgewood and Englewood. Like their cookie product line, these delectable baked goods have customers wondering how they could possibly be gluten-free. And that is after all, the goal of Get Fresh Bakehouse.

Get Fresh Bakehouse, founded in 2010, is committed to baking gluten-free products that taste delicious. Based in Fairfield, New Jersey, Get Fresh Bakehouse was born out of a father’s desire to provide good tasting gluten-free items for his daughter, diagnosed with celiac disease. When he couldn’t find the products he was looking for, he began to research techniques of gluten-free baking and put together an all-star team. Three years later, Get Fresh Bakehouse ovens were fired up and began producing cookies in flavors like Butterscotch Walnut, Oatmeal Plus and’s pick of best gluten-free Chocolate Chip cookie (<> ). Get Fresh Bakehouse’s goal is to offer exceptional quality and taste to the gluten-free world. Follow Get Fresh Bakehouse on twitter @getfreshbakery and ‘like’ us on facebook:

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