Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Adam and Dianna Lee winemakers from Siduri and Novy wines visits Double Helix Boutique in Palazzo Resort and speak to Vino Las Vegas

It is not often you meet a wine making couple in this business
but it was a pleasure to meet
Adam and Dianna Lee from
Siduri and Novy wines. We have
enjoyed their high scoring wines
immensely in the past.

Adam and Dianna made a stop at the Wine Spectator Grand Tour
event being held at the Venetian Hotel Casino. Prior to the
event they held a wine tasting at one of our favorite stops ,
Double Helix Wine Bar and Boutique in the Palazzo Hotel Casino.

We were attending the Wine Spectator event as well, so we did not need to be coerced to stop at Double Helix , taste some Siduri and Novy wines and speak with Adam and Dianna. They have a great wine making
philosophy and work together very well. They feed off each other
and make a great wine making team.
To quote their website , " By focusing solely on Pinot Noir from the most prestigious vineyard sites in California and Oregon, and by vinifying each barrel separately by lot, clone, yeast and cooper, we champion individuality of place and intensity of flavor in each wine we produce ."

That quote could not be more on target. We spend alot of time in many of the vineyards and
appellations where they get their fruit. These are some of the most prestigious
vineyards to be found from Napa to Santa Barbara County. The Siduri
vineyard specific labels read like a who's who of California vineyard owners and wine growers.

It was a pleasure to meet this great team and couple and spend a few
minutes talking with them about their past and future plans.

If you are in Las Vegas, Double Helix is a great place to stop for wine, food
and events located right on the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip.

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