Sunday, May 11, 2008

Elaine speaks with winemaker Richard OH of Otter Cove and OH wines

Winemaker Richard Oh recently made a stop in Las Vegas. While in town , Richard joined Vino Las Vegas for lunch and to talk about the release of OH Wines Pinot Noir 2006 Santa Lucia Highlands.

Under the Otter Cove label Richard produces Gewurztraminer, Resling , Syrah , Merlot and Pinot Noir varietals. They all have a designation from either Santa Lucia Highlands or Monterey County. We had the opportunity to try the Otter Cove wines last year and were pleasently surprised.

On this occasion we tried OH Wines Pinot Noir 2006 Santa Lucia Highlands that has just been released. On the nose we were greeted with the classic aromas of cherry and spice .In the glass the wonderful burgundy color shinned and led us to the palate where cherry, black fruit and spice came through. The finish was unique in that in had a little more tannins than we would expect. This however is a good thing as this great Pinot should hold up in the bottle very well.

Richard has done a great job producing his other varietals under the Otter Cove label and we expect he will do the same with his new label of OH Wines.

Like most of his fellow winemakers in Monterey County you can taste the labor and passion that has gone into making these wines. Richard likes to experiment with aromas and flavors to produce some classic varietals with his own unique twist. It is very good to see young winemakers such as Richard really begin to come into their own by making quality wines that are recognized by experts in the Food and Wine industry worldwide.

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WINOchick said...

Everyone should taste the OH!.. It's sooo silky and plush, that's what makes it SEXY!
The ladies LUV it!!! ;-)

Elaine and Scott

Elaine and Scott
Elaine and Scott