Sunday, May 4, 2008

Vino Las Vegas samples the best of Las Vegas at the Epicurean Affair 2008 poolside at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino

The Flamingo Hotel and Casino played host
to the 18th annual Epicurean Affair which features the best of Las Vegas's Food and Beverage Industry.

The Nevada Restaurant Association and the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association teamed up with the Flamingo Hotel for a culinary and beverage smorgasbord. Las Vegas has become a primere culinary and beverage destination
of the world. The Affair, held poolside at the Flamingo Hotel,
really showed the world the diversity Las Vegas has to offer in Food and Beverage.

When you walk in you can,t help but be in awe of the beautiful
tropical pool at the Flamingo. It was decked out with lights,
music and of course surrounded by some of the biggest names
in the culinary world.

You almost get sensory overload as you stroll along the pool
smelling the culinary creations of such renown Chefs as Guy
Savoy , Michael Mina and Andre Rochat. Many of these Chefs have been awarded the coveted Michelin Stars and attendees could sample the cuisine that is known world wide.

While you are walking in Tropical Paradise at the Flamingo over
70 signature dishes from some of these renown chefs were
available for tasting and many of the world class clubs were
present to temp us with their beverage creations as well.

This event really showed off how much diversity Las Vegas has
to offer. One thought kept coming to our minds as we walked
around the pool sampling the food and beverages.

Las Vegas has come along was from its beginnings as mainly an
entertainment city. This great city has the ability to change with
the times as it has many times in the past. Entertainment has
always been world class in Las Vegas and will continue to lead
the world as a major entertainment destination.

When you attend an event like this it
really opens your eyes and showcases
what Las Vegas has become. No other
city can offer the combination of world
class entertainment , gaming , award
winning world renown Chefs and
nightlife that is unmatched.

In this great city one can now walk the
Las Vegas strip , try their luck in
many of the famous hotel casinos or

go shopping in designer stores by day. Have a great lunch poolside prepared by the well trained resort culinary staff of the many hotels.
After lunch enjoy a massage or workout at the many well equipped Spas. Dinner is worth waiting all day for and what an experience. No other city has so many famous renown Chefs

all within a short walk or cab ride. Dinning at these restaurants
is truly a memorable experience and should not be passed up.

The many shows available in the evenings can keep you busy
for weeks if you saw a different show every night. There is a show
for most any taste from a traditional Las Vegas show to Broadway
musicals. There is something available 7 days a week.

Las Vegas has always been known for its nightlife and still has
no rival in the world. Guests travel from the 4 corners of the
world to experience these clubs with multiple levels, music and sensory experiences.
That is a day in Las Vegas. No other city can match that. Walking
around the historic Flamingo Hotel we could not help but have those thoughts as we got a first hand view of what Las Vegas has
become and will continue to evolve into.

Join Elaine and Scott of Vino Las Vegas as we take you into the Epicurean Affair and see what
Las Vegas has to offer.

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