Thursday, September 11, 2008

VINO LAS VEGAS attends the Regency Wines and Praml International Trade Tasting Showcase 2008

Vino Las Vegas has written about many
aspects of the Food , Wine and Travel
Industry in the past. We have taken our
readers to harvest , crush and punchdowns in the wineries and vineyards
of California. We have taken you with us
as we attended many wine and food events
throughout the country as well.

One very important and often over looked
aspect of wine is the Distributor. We have
seen how wine is made and we have all
enjoyed many of those wines in restaurants
and wine shoppes all over the world.

Obviously the wine had to get from the winery to the final location and that is where the distributor comes into focus. These companies are responsible for " placing " wines into the restaurants and wine shoppes.

One of the distributors in Las Vegas is Regency Wines headed by Bruno
Laclotte. He has spent most of his life in France and has worked at
some of the reputable wineries in
Bordeaux and Champagne. Bruno
founded Regency wines in 1995.

For this event Regency Wines paired
up with Praml International that
provided a large selection of
gourmet foods for the event

This event was for the "Trade" meaning people who are in the
Food and Wine industry. This was a great way for Regency Wines
to show off their portfolio to the wine buyers and for Praml
International to show off for the Chefs.

This was a two day event like we have never seen in the trade.
Bruno stated to VINO LAS VEGAS to his knowledge an event of
this type and size has never been done in the past. We were surprised at the scope of this two day event. There were guest
speakers throughout both days. Master Sommelier William Sherer of Aureole and Jeff Eichelberger Sommelier of RM Seafood both gave very informative talks about wine and sustainability.

We had flashbacks of walking the
streets of Paris as we moved down
row after row of fresh gourmet food
of all types highlighted by wines from all over the world.

On the evening of the first day we were not
done yet when we were invited to attend a
private wine tasting organized by Regency
Wines and Sopexa. We had the opportunity
to taste Right Bank wines from Saint Emilion , Fronsac and Pomerol with many of the winemakers present. This event was held at the Palatial Trunberry Place at Charlie Palmer's Stirling Club.

When this two day event was over we felt like we had just spent the weekend in France. And in away we did ! We raise our glass of Champagne and say Cheers to a job well done to Regency , Praml and their entire staffs. We only have one question , will there be a Showcase 2009 ? Keep checking back .

Join us as we take you with us and walk the streets of Paris for two days
without ever leaving Las Vegas. This is a great chance to see an inside look at the Food and Wine Industry.

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