Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VINO LAS VEGAS stops at Cafe Bleu for the American Wine Society Ampelos Wine Dinner

The Amercian Wine Society is a national organization that promotes wine education and appreciation. VINO LAS VEGAS is
a member of the Las Vegas Chapter.

We have attended many events at Cafe Bleu at Le Cordon Bleu
College of Culinary Arts located in Summerlin and they always
do a fantastic job. The students run Cafe Bleu under the guidance
of faculty which are tops in their field.

We knew this was an event we were not going to miss when our good friends Peter and Rebecca Work of Ampelos wines were hosting a wine dinner at Cafe Bleu

Ampelos is a family owned vineyard that is located in the Sta. Rita Hills. Many of our long time readers know that VINO LAS VEGAS travels to this area often to cover wine events
and help with Harvest and Crush.

Ampelos produces Pinot Noir , Syrah, Viognier , Rose , Grenache and a blend they call Syrache. We have sampled all of these wines and feel they really stand out as some of the best in the area.

On this occasion , the wines came to us as we enjoyed a dinner that the Chefs took great care in pairing. One of the most interesting aspects of
the food and wine pairings is that the Chef paired the wines in reverse order.

For example, in most wine dinners the Chef will pair the first course with
something lighter like a Sauvignon Blanc with some type of salad or appetizer. They usually work their way course by course each time getting a little heavier and more complex and finish with a Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah.

In this case the Chefs started us off with a salad paired with the Ampelos
Syrah and finished with their Rose of Syrah. In our opinion, this was
risky but as usual Chef Carlos's plan worked well.

Peter Work spoke to the guests and told them about the journey he and Rebecca took from the Corporate world to owning the vineyard. They have an amazing story we will share with our readers in the near future. It is truly an inspiring story that we are sure you will enjoy.

Peter and Chef Carlos each spoke between courses about the wines and why they were paired with that specific course. The students as always
took the lead providing us with great service both "infront" and in the
"back of the house"

Many of the students go on to work and later manage in some of the worlds well known restaurants here in Las Vegas. They learn from the best at Le Cordon Bleu and progress into the Culinary world and have careers working for Chefs that are renowned.

After the Dinner Peter Work shared his wine and knowledge with
the eagar students. Peter has always been very generous with his
time when it comes to sharing knowledge about vineyard management , wine growing and the wine making process.

Join Elaine and Scott from VINO LAS VEGAS as we take you into
Cafe Bleu , enjoy great food , wine and have a conversation with
Peter Work.

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