Tuesday, September 30, 2008

VINO LAS VEGAS hits Mandalay Bay Beach for the 3rd Annual Rock N Roll Wine Amplified

Chris Hammond and Sonny Barton of Rock N Roll wines have done a fantastic job over the years with
their "one of a kind " touch of music and good wines.

We have attended all three Amplified events in Las Vegas as well as many of their smaller events at some of the best venues around town.

It was a beautiful evening at the Mandalay Bay beach along side their 1.6 million gallon wave pool and once again the bands were top notch. Special guest SHERWOOD warmed up the crowd and the renown GIN BLOSSOMS electrified all of us with their hits.

The guests could wonder along the beach , stop at the many cabanas and enjoy wines from
all over the world. A few wine makers made the trip to the beach as well. We stopped in and spoke with wine maker Dan Tudor of Tudor/Radog wines and Richard Oh wine maker of Otter Cove/ Oh wines as we enjoyed the great music and of course those great wines.

In our opinion this was one of the best Chris and Sonny have produced . But, we say that every year as each one is better and different than the previous. That's why all of us keep coming back to see what Chris and Sonny of Rock n Roll wines has in store for us next.

Join VINO LAS VEGAS as we take you into the 3rd Annual Rock n Roll wine Amplified and speak with a few of the guests

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