Friday, October 24, 2008

VINO LAS VEGAS dines with the next generation of Chefs at the Rising Stars Revue and Awards

As the recent Michelin awards proved Las Vegas has become a world class center for Food and Wine came to Las Vegas to award
the next generation mentored today by Chefs that are known through out the world. These young "rising star " Chefs are recommended by the advisory board which is made up of over 20 of the country's top Chefs. Some of these Chefs include Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Daniel Boulud, Noman Samuelsson and Bobby Flay. These Chefs went through in-person tastings and interviews to become a finalist. These young Chefs represent the future. They are creative and think "outside the box ".

The 2008 Rising Stars Revue was held in Las Vegas at the
Green Valley Resort . VINO LAS VEGAS attended the event and were very impressed with what the future has in store for us with these Rising Stars.

We knew we were in for an extra special experience when we arrived at the VIP Champagne reception and enjoyed Nicolas Feuillate Champagne 1997 and four different types of Caviar . Green Valley Ranch Chef David Root did a great job getting our palates ready for the Gala and hosting the reception. Then it was time to meet the future greats of the culinary world.

Zach Allen is only 31 years old and oversees the three Batali / Bastianich restaurants in Las Vegas. Carnevino , B&B Ristorante and Enoteca San Marco. We had the great opportunity to speak with Zack and talk to him about his three kitchens he is responsible for.

Anthony Amoroso can be found in the kitchen of Michael Mina and is known for his philosophy of "less is more " His Pancetta-wrapped Quail , Marcona Almonds , Brown Butter jus and Almond Milk Foam was a favorite of ours.

Gerald Chin was the Executive Chef at the Mansion which is the exclusive private dining room at the MGM Villas. He can now be found at PiPs Wine Bar and Cucina creating some delicious Mediterranean dishes.

We have met Gegeory Engelhardt in the past on a few occasions. He is in the kitchen at the Michelin Star winning restaurant Andres. He truly has the passion for fine French Cuisine that is evident in is creative dishes.

Another young rising star that has a passion for French cuisine is Wesley Holton . Wesley is rising to the top at Daniel Boulud Brasserie.

Brian Rae is Chef de Cuisine at RM Seafood and is mentored by none other than Chef Rick Moonen . Chef Rick has instilled his passion for sustainable fish and seafood to Brian who has embraced the passion as his own as well.

Joe Isidori formally of DJT of the Trump International Hotel has
had to wear many hats. While at DJT Joe was responsible for all
aspects of food and beverage on the Trump Property. His business sense has taken him to Manhattan where he has some big plans. awarded Chef Isidori its Hotel Chef Award which is quite an honor. We spoke with Joe at the gala and cannot wait to visit him in New York to see his new project.

The winner of the Sustainability award is Mike Minor of Border Grill. Mike is such a believer in sustainability that he teams up with fellow Chef Rick Moonen to teach students at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school.

Restaurant Guy Savoy is a renown restaurant in Paris and Las Vegas. Uyen Nguyen is the Executive Pastry Chef here in Las Vegas . At 29 years old she is already a rising star and really has no end to where her star will take her. Her Fresh Dates with Fromage Blanc Sorbet was a desert we will not forget .

Elaine from Vino Las Vegas spoke with rising star Mixologist Amanda Gager for quite some time as they enjoyed one of Amanda's creations " Honey Love ". She was a flair bartender for years but now creates works of art at Strip Steak. She prefers to work with bourbon and fresh fruit to give us all a nice surprise.

We did not have the opportunity to meet rising star Sommelier Michael Shearin who was Trump International Beverage Director and is now in Los Angeles. He not only knows wine but can take you on a journey with sake ,beer and spirits as well.

This was an event that was inspiring for us . It was an honor to meet these young chefs who have focus and passion for their professions. We commend an organization like that promotes the culinary world and brings together renown Chefs and the next generation of Culinary professionals.

Join Elaine and Scott of VINO LAS VEGAS as well take you to the Gala ,the Awards presentation and talk to some of these remarkable young professionals.

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