Monday, October 27, 2008

VINO LAS VEGAS kicks off the James Beard Foundation's Taste America with JBF Award Winner Luciano Pellegrini at Valentino in the Venetian Resort

JBF Award Winner Luciano Pellegrini is the Executive Chef at JBF Award Winner Piero Selvaggio's Valentino located inside the Venetian Resort. Chef Luciano really
out did himself with a white truffle extravaganza that was creative and on the cutting edge of what you can do with these truffles.

Valentino is a classic Italian Restaurant located on the first floor in the famed Venetian Resort. As we walked in the staff escorted us to the
Champagne Reception to get things going.

The Aperitivi :

Mini Pizza al Tartufo Fried Lobster Milanese with Spicy Aioli Veal Tartar with Tartufo Crostini with Quail Pate and Tartufo Nero
Louis de Sacy , Brut Rose N.V.

The Reception was hosted by the James Beard Foundation and was only the beginning. Chef Luciano joined us at the reception and escorted us to the intimate private dining room for the dinner.

The Menu
Fresh Australian "Spanner" Crab cakes
with Porcini Salad and White Truffle
Clerget, Les Chevalier, Meursault 2000

Quail Meatloaf on Polenta and White
Truffle Bergstrom, Cumberland Reserve
Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

Fontina Stuffed Bucatini with Crescenza Sauce
and White Truffle
Beni di Batasiolo , Reserva , Barolo 2000

Buffalo Medallion with White Wine Demi

and White Truffle
Leone di Castris " Donna Lisa" Salice Salentino

Cheese 3 Ways, Hot , Cold , Crispy with
Dried Fruit and Nuts
Schlumberger , Vendanges Tardives , "Cuvee Christine"
Gewurztraminer, Alsace 2000

White Chocolate and Gianduja Truffle with
Candied Asparagus , Sauteed sugar Pumpkin
and Orange Zabajon
Ben Rye , Passito di Pantelleria 2006

This was not just a meal but a culinary experience prepared by JBF Award Winner Luciano Pellegrini . The experience started from the second we walked into this beautiful restaurant and crescendoed throughout the evening like a fine musical masterpiece with a wonderful finish. As we look back on that evening it WAS a masterpiece conducted by maestro Luciano Pellegrini and his wonderful orchestra in and out of the kitchen.
Bravo , Bravo Chef !

Join Elaine and Scott of VINO LAS VEGAS as we speak with Chef Luciano Pellegrini about the food and wine parings and what it means to be a JBF award winner.

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