Saturday, November 8, 2008

Elaine from VINO LAS VEGAS speaks with Richard Sanford the first to plant Pinot Noir in the Sta Rita Hills

It is not often you get to meet a true pioneer in any
profession. Vino Las Vegas visited Richard Sanford formally founder of Sanford wines now owner of Alma Rosa winery in the Sta Rita Hills.

Richard came to the Santa Ynez Valley 38 years ago with the desire to create wines that would rival the best of France. He was the first to recognize the potential of the Santa Rita Hills and first to plant Pinot Noir vines in the area.

In 1970 Richard planted the first Pinot Noir in the area near Sanford and Benedict Vineyard and never looked back.

Alma Rosa winery and tasting room is a refreshing throwback to the time when the Sta Rita Hills was just beginning.
When visiting the tasting room visitors have a choice of a "special " pinot noir tasting or the regular tasting that features most of the line that Alma Rosa produces. We were treated to the
Pinot Noir tasting by none other than Chris who many many recognize from the movie Sideways.

Alma Rosa is a great place to stop for a sense of history and some great wines. For more information please go to

Elaine from Vino Las Vegas sat down with Richard Sanford who founded Pinot Noir in the Sta Rita hills and spoke to him about how he got started and his past at Sanford wines.

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