Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vino Las Vegas visits Dragonette Cellars as well as meeting new winemaker Nico Cuera

Brothers John and Steve Dragonette and close friend Brandon Sparks-Gillis formed Dragonette Cellars in order to fulfill a dream to make wine in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Before they got started on their project all of them gained knowledge from the ground up , learning from many of the veteran wine makers and growers in the area. Once they felt they were ready John, Steve and Brandon moved their families to the area and had their first vintage in 2005.

Dragonette has no employees, and each of the partners puts their time, and hard work into their winery. Vino Las Vegas first sampled their wines in June. Their wines capture

the essence of the appellation , which in our opinion, is one of the best in the country for Pinot Noir and Syrah. One of most impressive things about Dragonette is they all have the passion to make it work and have done a great job. Vino Las Vegas sampled their current vintage and once
again they have done the appellation justice. Dragonette is one winery we plan on visiting whenever we are in the area. For more information please go to

When you speak to new wine maker Nico Cuera you have the impression you are speaking to someone who has been making wines for years.

In fact, he has been working in the wine making
industry less than two years. He caught the "bug " and became a "cellar rat " for Ampelos Cellars in the Sta Rita Hills for last years harvest. Since then he has stayed in the area and over the winter months was responsible for doing a frost damage assessment all over the valley.

This year Nico has been working at many of the vineyards and has forged relationships with many of the legendary names in the area. Vino Las Vegas met with Nico as he was crushing his own Petite Syrah and were impressed with this young wine maker. We look forward to what Nico will produce in the future. With his passion and work ethic we have no doubts he will be successful .

Join Elaine and Scott from Vino Las Vegas as we meet these two young wine makers and see the passion they have for their wines.

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