Thursday, August 6, 2009

PANEVINO and Row Eleven Wines combine for a 5 course wine dinner overlooking the Las Vegas Strip

Panevino Ristorante is very distinctive off strip property in Las Vegas. The view of the Las Vegas Strip, framed by slanted window walls, gives its guests a unique view that is not commonly seen.

The menu main appeals to those seeking authentic and traditional Italian cuisine served with innovative flavors, presentation and ambiance. Panevino also features an extensive wine list headed up by wine director Rob Horesovsky with varieties from single Italian vineyards to the popular Californian blends.

Panevino also features many special events. VINO LAS VEGAS visited on the special occasion of a Row Eleven Wine Dinner. This dinner was different than others we have been to. Not only were Row Eleven wines paired with the dinner but Lisa Rein of Row Eleven Wine company also featured Stratton Lummis and Duckhorn wines as well.

Lattuga grigliata con Prosciutto croccante e Crema di Gorgonzola

Grilled heart of Romain with crispy Prosciutto , roma tomatos and shaved Parmigiano in warm Grogonzola Cheese sauce .

This beginning dish was paired with Civello Pinot Gris 2006. This Pinot Gris had lovely aromas of lemon and nuts with a palate that was crsip with a dry finish and paired wonderfully with the Prosciutto and cheese

Capasanta in crosta di Patate con salsa allo Zafferano

Potato wrapped seared Sea Scallop with oven roasted Tomatoes
in creamy Saffron sauce sprinkled with crispy leeks . Stratton Lummis Chardonnay 2006 paired very well. With no oak , this light colored Chardonnay with aromas of pear , lemon and peach truly complemented the Sea Scallops and Saffron sauce.

Risotto con Porcini

Creamy Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms and Parmigiano Cheese shavings. Row Eleven Pinot Noir Santa Maria 2006. This pairing was all about earth , earth , earth. The Porcini Mushrooms married with the classic earth aromas of Santa Maria with smoke, spice and cherry to make this pairing our favorate of the night.

Costatine di Manzo brasate

Stratton Lummis Cabernet Sauvignon braised beef short ribs with mixed vegitables on a bed of mashed potatoes. Stratton Lummis Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. Rich french oak flavors along with tobacco , cassis and violets complemented this classic dish.

Tortino di Pasta Sfoglia con Mele e ripieno di Formaggio di Capra
Warm puff pastry tartlet filled with oven roasted Apples and Goat Cheese with orange sorbet drizzled with Orange Honey. Duckhorn Napa Valley Miel 1991.

The Duckhorn Miel pairing with the apples and sorbet was a treat to our palate and a very special as this lovely wine is not made often and is highly sought after.

Panevino Executive Chef Mario , Wine Director Rob and Lisa from Row Eleven under the direction of General Manager
Vincenzo Granata combined their talents for this fantastic 5 course wine dinner and was a great success. For more information about Panevino please visit

Join VINO LAS VEGAS as we take you inside Panevino and speak with Rob Horesovsky and Lisa Rein about dinner, Panevino and Row Eleven wines. For a very speacial reciepe from Chef Mario at Panevino please visit our premier culinary site at The Cuisineist !

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